*The Combat Simulators are closed until further notice for maintenance. The EST2000 Rifle Range remains open with normal operating hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Take weapons position on the ground, providing cover for the convoy that’s penetrating rebel territory to rescue humanitarian aid workers and in a mounted HMMWV at our Virtual Army Experience Simulators. Or you can take a shot at the EST2000 Rifle Range, the same simulator that Soldiers use in U.S. Army training.

Hours of Operation:
The EST2000 Rifle Range and Combat Simulators are open Wednesday-Sunday.
Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-4:30pm
Sunday: Noon-4:30pm

EST2000 Rifle Range
EST 2000 Rifle Range The Engagement Skills Trainer (EST 2000) is the same rifle simulator used at Fort Benning to train troops. Now you, too, can try your hand at firing real military weapons, with all the fun and none of the danger of live ammo. With five firing lanes, impress your family, compete against your friends, and experience a taste of Army life. Give it a shot!

$10 per session, per person.

Requirements and Restrictions:
Must be at least 40” tall   | no flash photography  wheelchair accessible

Virtual Army Experience (Combat Simulators) 
*The Combat Simulators are closed until further notice for maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

high fiveLocated in the Grand Hall, the NIM SIM Combat Simulators provide a high-fidelity, information-rich experience utilizing the latest in virtual training technology.

Assemble your team and take your firing position behind one of our weapon simulators. Conduct high speed missions in a realistic virtual environment, mounted in the HMMWV and dismounted on foot, employing teamwork to rescue friendly forces from enemy combatants.

$10 for (1) one SIM, per person | $15 for (2) two SIMS of choice, per person | $20 for (3) three SIMS of choice, per person

Requirements and Restrictions:
HMMWV Mission (5 mounted stations):
Must be at least 50” tall   | no flash photography

Overwatch Mission (4 standing/kneeling stations):
Must be at least 60” tall   | no flash photography | wheelchair accessible