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National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center
1775 Legacy Way, Suite 220
Columbus, Georgia 31903
Phone: (706) 685-5800 or (706) 653-9234 Fax: (706) 653-8368

National Infantry Association Staff
Phone: (706) 323-2560 | Fax: (706) 322-0967 |
The National Infantry Association is located on the second floor of the museum. Please contact the NIA for more information regarding the Infantry Bugler magazine and the Order of St. Maurice awards program.

President: COL (Ret.) Dick Nurnberg (
Director of Awards and Programs: Jennifer Cayson (
Editors of the Infantry Bugler magazine: Kristin Bentley and Jill Tigner (

National Infantry Museum Army Division Staff
Phone: (706) 545-2958 | Fax: (706) 545-5158
The National Infantry Museum’s Army Division offices are located on the main floor the museum. Please contact the Army Division for more information regarding military tours and museum artifacts. The U.S. Army has a formal partnership with the National Infantry Foundation to manage the museum and its priceless contents. 

Museum Director: Zachary Frank Hanner (
Chief Registrar: Ed C. Annable, Jr. (
Arms Curator: Jefferson C. Reed (

National Infantry Museum Foundation Staff
Phone: (706) 653-9234 | Fax: (706) 653-8368 |
The National Infantry Museum is operated by the National Infantry Foundation, a private, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. The foundation is located on the second floor of the museum. Please contact the appropriate department below for more information about the museum and foundation.

Foundation Leadership
Chairman and CEO: LTG (Ret) Carmen Cavezza
President and Chief Operating Officer: COL (Ret) Greg Camp
Director of Operations: CSM (Ret) Steven McClaflin

Office Administration
Office Manager: Lisa Boyd (
Accounting Manager: Laura Jefferson (
Administrative Services Manager: Sonya Bell (

Development Department
Director of Sales and Donor Relations: Jane Bayer (
Associate Director of Development: Lainee Ross (
Director of Dedications: Ilene Kent (

Education Department
Director of Education and Volunteer Services: Lora Davis Warren (
Assistant Director of Education and Tours: Tiffany Hoffmann (
Director of Youth Programs: Alexis van Brero Belman (
Volunteer Coordinator: Peter Sauer (

Events and Rentals Department
Director of Events: Vickie Benton (
Events Coordinator: Keisha Wilson (
Events Coordinator: Jessie Doggett (
Director of Catering It’s Your Day Catering: Lindsay Norton (

Communications Department
Director of Communications: Cyndy Cerbin (
Digital Media Manager: Allee Lawson (
Graphic Design and Marketing Associate: Braelen Hill (

Building and Facilities Department
Director of Building and Facilities: Mike Bullard (

Museum Attractions
Giant Screen Theater
Theater Director: Mark Balsinger (
Theater Assistant Operations Manager: Latoyra Lewis (
Virtual Army Experience Simulators
Attractions Lead Supervisor: Martin Pruner (
Soldier Store: (706) 685-5819
Fife and Drum Restaurant: (706) 685-5801

Audio-Visual Technologies Department
Director of Audio-Visual Technologies: Michael McCabe (
Film Production/IT Specialist: Jordan Beck (
IT Specialist: Benjamin Watson (