IMAX Ticket Prices:                                                                                                                                                           Tickets can be purchased at the box office in the museum lobby, or by calling 706-685-2622.

General Admission:                                        Military/Senior/Student:
$10 (Hollywood) $8 (Documentary)          $9 (Hollywood) $7 (Documentary)

Children Ages 4-12:
$8 (Hollywood)  $6 (Documentary) *Children under 4 years of age admitted free

About IMAX 

The IMAX® experience is the combination of science and spectacle, using cutting-edge technology to create a viewing experience unlike any other: crystal-clear images, powerful digital sound and specially-designed theatres delivering an experience that cannot be replicated in conventional multiplexes.

Film Format
IMAX films use the largest commercial film format in motion picture history – 70mm, 15-perforation – ten times the size of the 35mm standard used in conventional filmmaking.

Weighing in at over 250 lbs., the IMAX 3D camera uses separate lenses to simulate the left and right eyes. The two lenses are spaced 2.5 inches apart, the average distance between a human’s eyes. Each lens feeds a separate roll of film. By projecting the two films simultaneously, viewers experience the illusion of depth.

Films are projected on giant screens which extend beyond your peripheral vision – so big, in fact, that a whale can appear life-size! Because these screens fill your peripheral vision, even 2D films give you the sensation of being placed IN the movie.

Digital Sound System
IMAX theatres feature a patented digital audio technology with advanced circuits designed specifically to enhance sound clarity and depth of sound reproduction. IMAX sound also uses proprietary signal processing, amplification and loudspeaker design.

DMR (Digital Media Remastering)
This digital intermediate technology allows Hollywood films (shot in 35mm for conventional theaters) to be up-converted into 15/70 IMAX format. Because Hollywood films are typically shot in widescreen format, DMR films are presented in letterbox format, filling the entire width of the screen but only 60% of the height.

Many recent Hollywood features (The Dark KnightTRON: Legacy) have used IMAX cameras for select scenes, making the entire screen suddenly explode with action!

In addition to our regular slate of films, the Patriot Park IMAX has a special selection of educational documentaries reserved for tour groups. Contact our Education/Tours Department to book your tour today.The theatre is also equipped with a high-definition digital projector, DVD/Blu-ray player and PC system which can be rented out for a variety of special events including meetings, presentations, private screenings, and film premieres.