The Infantry Theater

If you explore the museum’s era galleries chronologically, the last thing you’ll encounter is the Infantry Theater.

Running every 15 minutes, this powerful film gives a brief glimpse into the mindset of the Infantryman, explaining why he has taken up arms in defense of his nation. The soundtrack interweaves the voices of Soldiers, drawn from existing interviews, new interviews and newly-recorded excerpts from first-person accounts over time, with the voice of a narrator/storyteller who guides the story and helps reveal key insights along the way. It is narrated by Sam Elliott, with voiceovers by actual combat veterans.


The show itself brings together all of the museum’s themes in a way that binds Infantryman, country and citizen in an emotionally moving finale.

There is no cost to see the Infantry Theater film. A countdown clock next to the door let’s you know when the next showing begins. The theater seats about 75 people.


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