The United States of America is a nation founded by volunteers. For 239 years, men and women have given their all to defend liberty, both at home and abroad. The National Infantry Museum’s mission is to honor the brave Infantrymen who have dedicated their lives to our defense; now you can join us in our mission!
As a volunteer, you are an integral part of the museum’s daily operation, from greeting guests at the door, explaining gallery artifacts, to leading tours of World War II Company Street. Our volunteers come from many walks of life: veterans, educators, students, military spouses and children, as well as civilians with no military ties but want to be a part of this national treasure’s success.

Join The Volunteer Corps! 

Are you interested in donating your time and talents to the National Infantry Museum’s volunteer corps or docent program? Please fill out the form below and the museum’s Volunteer Coordinator will contact you soon.


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